Monday, 22 December 2008

I'm in the Saatchi! (Sort of!)

You can now view an online gallery of my work at:

Shiny Things At The Creative Recycling Gallery

My work is currently on display at The Creative Recycling Gallery in Chorlton, Manchester. Developed out of the chandelier form first shown at my degree show exhibition, I have created a series of spheres constructed from plastic bottle necks embellished with mirrors and stitching. Hanging in the window, they spin and catch the light like bizarre mirror balls!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Precious Commodities

Photography often plays a key role in the articulation of my ideas, recording the luminescent potential of my made objects. I seem to have a habit of holding things up to the light looking for moments of translucence.
Anything can make its way into one of my pieces; discarded bottle tops, half-melted colanders, toy soldiers, chip forks- anything has the potential to become jewel-like.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Embroidery Degree Show 2008

In June I graduated from The Manchester School of Art with BA Hons Embroidery. This is me in front of one the pieces I exhibited. My work is primarily concerned with colour and its intense and volatile energy. I am a magpie, seeking out slithers of colour and shine. I use post-consumer waste such as plastic bottles and discarded plastic flotsam to create jewel-like objects from what may be seen as 'rubbish'. The transforming properties of light also inform the work, rendering plastic detritus gem-like.

Though my materials are far removed from cloth and textiles, the techniques I employ are rooted in traditional Indian folk embroidery. Having learnt aari work and mirror work in India, I have adapted these stitches usually reserved for fine fabrics into decorative sculptural joining methods.

I aim to highlight the uneasy tension between preciousness and excess.