Monday, 4 June 2012

Brazilica Fringe Festival

I've been having a very colourful time creating decorative elements for Liverpool's Brazilica Fringe Festival events in collaboration with Craft Creative. The brief was to create portable pieces that could adorn each venue hosting the various film, music and dance events acting as recognisable markers. Recycling and creative upcycling became a real focus as I set about making lots of bright Brazilian flowers from tin cans to be dotted around the venues in bunches. An old bike wheel found new life as a 3D recreation of the festival's logo. I loved the technique of weaving in and out of the spokes with recycled threads made from plastic bags and wire insulation rubber. I think a new project of woven works is calling me! It was brilliant to see the pieces in Mello Mello for Version Excursion, the first Brazilica Fringe event. Next up is the task of decking out the Kazimier for the Carnival Ball!


Blue Room have been working hard on a very special project as part of our Galapagos exhibition programme at the Bluecoat. Twelve beautiful tortoise sculptures have been lovingly custom made to build their habitats in various locations around the Bluecoat and in shops in Liverpool One. Each tortoise holds the answer to a question about the Galapagos Islands, families can follow the trail to collect the answers and be entered into a prize draw. All three Blue Room groups worked brilliantly together in teams to create creatures that are full of character using techniques such as papier mache, wire and cardboard construction. The Tortoise Trail launched on Saturday 2nd June and runs until Sunday 10th June, the activity sheets are available from Tickets and Information at the Bluecoat.